The Biggest Jackpots Offered by UK Casino Sites

Online casinos are full of thrills and chills. While some of us play for fun, there are many who hope to win it big with the help of a jackpot. Indeed, the mere mention of a jackpot is enough to lure many into this amazing industry. However, it is just as important to appreciate how these systems function so that you can leverage your skills when the time is right. Let us take a look at a concept known as a progressive jackpot before delving into the specifics surrounding this interesting concept.

What are Progressive Casino Jackpots Online?

The generic definition of a progressive jackpot is simply a jackpot that increases each value each time a game is played and no winner is declared. To put this another way, it will continue to grow in size until one player or multiple players claim the prize. One of the benefits associated with the majority of these casino jackpots online is the fact that the player will know where the value of the jackpot stands. So, he or she can predict their potential winnings at any given time.

What are the Benefits of this Type of Online Jackpots?

Besides transparency, there are other advantages associated with progressive jackpots. The most important windfall is arguably that many different types of games offer this payout structure. Jackpot slots online, blackjack, poker and roulette will often provide platforms which accumulate wealth over time. The more players are present, the higher the jackpot will rise. Thus, truly massive multiplayer games such as weekly tournaments can reach values well into the tens of thousands of pounds.

Some of the Most Popular Jackpots

As we should imagine, some progressive jackpots are more popular than others. Mega Fortune is one example to be mentioned here. This package is offered by online casinos which employ Net Entertainment software. One interesting feature of Mega Fortune is that it tends to be won approximately every ten weeks. Having said this, jackpots can easily reach as high as £4 million pounds on occasion.

Another variant known as Mega Moolah is equally as impressive. Utilising Microgaming software, Mega Moolah has been in existence since as far back as 2009. This rich history has indeed influenced its payout levels. Winners will generally be declared every 11 weeks and jackpots reaching £4.8 million pounds are not out of the question.

What Types of Games Offer Jackpots?

Another benefit associated with progressive jackpots is that the majority of casino games will offer such opportunities. The main takeaway point here is how high the payouts are expected to reach. Quick-draw games such as bingo are associated with wins into the thousands of pounds or more. However, high-stakes variants including poker could boast levels into the millions of pounds. We need to take into account the basic principle behind progressive jackpots once again. The main determinant of the pot size involves the amount of money that players deposit as well as how many players are involved with a specific game. So, high rollers tend to look for larger progressive payouts. Some of the most common games which will be paired with some form of a progressive jackpot are:

  • Slots
  • Bingo
  • Poker

Jackpot slots online are particularly popular, as they are quite easy to play and other amenities such as hidden levels are often offered alongside standard gameplay.

The Biggest Online Jackpot Win in History

Not all of us will be lucky enough to win it big and yet, statistics prove that this does indeed happen on occasion. One shining example can be seen in the jackpot won by Betway player Jon Heywood. After playing Mega Moolah, Mr. Heywood walked away with no less than £13,213,838 pounds. This level has actually made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. What is perhaps the most interesting observation is that Mr. Heywood deposited less than £30 pounds in total and he was placing bets of only 25p at any given time. This simply goes to show that big winners do not necessarily have to wager their life savings in order to enjoy a profit.

It should now be entirely clear to appreciate the benefits associated with progressive jackpots. As they are literally available to anyone who possesses the skill and the desire, wealth could very well be just around the next virtual “corner”. It is wise to take a look at the programmes mentioned earlier in this article to learn more.