Identifying different casino personalities will help you be at the top of your game

If you’ve ever done a bit of people watching while you’re having a coffee, you’ll notice that everyone has a different personality. The loud, raucous guy in the corner telling stories of his exploits last night, the quiet, serious looking girl typing on her laptop, or the smiling, friendly barista; the world is made up of endless personality types. Of course, we are not one-dimensional, but when it comes to types of casino players, many people will have a play style depending on their personalities. The gambling world attracts a host of colourful characters, both online and in real life. It’s very beneficial to observe these characteristics, as being able to read someone will help you adjust your playing style to match your rivals. Let’s look at some of the types of casino players that gambling attracts.

The Beginner

Let’s face it, everyone’s had the experience of being a first-timer at a casino. Often, a beginner will not research the rules of the games they’re playing and bet wildly without really knowing what they’re doing. This can go two ways; they will have great luck and win every game or lose to people who have a strategy. While games like slots and roulette do rely heavily on luck, in games like poker and blackjack, it’s beneficial to know the rules, rather than not knowing what your hand means. They usually have a certain amount set aside to play and don’t really care if they lose it. They tend to play for the enjoyment, if they win, it is a bonus. They also like to try out different games to see what they get a taste for.

The Friendly Neighbour

Often, you will go to a casino to relax and have some fun, but have this type of person sit down next to you. Within half an hour, you will know their entire personal history, and see photos of their kids or grandkids. These people have a big heart but can sometimes miss non-verbal cues if you just want to be left alone. They see gambling as a social occasion, to chat and as a way to meet new people. Every game brings potential new friends. Good tips can be picked up from this type, from what stores have a discount, to new places to get a drink. They usually gamble casually, not taking high risks or making huge bets. The gambling for them comes second to the social aspect.

The Professional

This type takes gambling as seriously as a job. In fact, to many of the Professionals, it is their primary source of income. If you see a Professional playing, it’s usually a good watch, as they will have learned all the rules and tricks, and usually bet high stakes. These types of poker players have remarkable determination and tenacity when it comes to gambling. They tend to opt for games requiring skill and strategy, like poker, rather than games of chance, such as slots. When playing the casino online, these poker personalities know how to use legal methods, such as white hat practices and legal betting systems to help them along. This type of people are the ones you’ll usually see on pro-gambling tournaments.

Aggressive Gamblers

These types can be really scary! They tend to use aggressive tactics to get other players to back down. Also known as ‘LAGS’ (loose aggressive players), these types favour games like poker, where they can directly intimidate their opponents across the table with tactics like playing a lot of hands and betting even when their hand isn’t great in an effort to confuse the players around them. Since they bet constantly and a great deal, they need to ensure their tactics are aggressive enough to make the other players fold. They tend to be at a disadvantage in an online casino, as it’s more difficult to read and intimidate opponents.

These are just a few types to look out for when you’re next in the real life or online casino. Identifying player types can really work to your advantage.