The battle of the live dealers – Comparing Evolution and NetEnt live casino games

Are you interested in live casino games? Then you’ll appreciate the information available in this article; here, we overview the very best live dealer games now available on the Internet. As you may know, live casino games are increasingly popular these days!

The leading developers for this type of live casino entertainment are NetEnt and evolution gaming, who are now offering a vast selection of titles that allow you to experience the thrill of live dealer casinos without any need to leave the comfort of your home. Read on to learn about this technology and all the games now available to you!

Get to Know the Best Live Dealer Games Now Available from NetEnt

If you’re a regular player at online casinos, you are probably familiar with the ubiquitous developer NetEnt; what you may not have realized is how they are now very focused towards taking a strong position in the fast growing live dealer games niche. NetEnt is actually one of the few top developers looking to specialize in both conventional online casino games as well as in live casino entertainment, a platform they’ve been developing since 2013.

Live casino games available from this developer are limited only to Roulette and Blackjack, but thanks to their outstanding quality and attention to detail, these are arguably the very best live dealer games available online. You will find NetEnt live dealer games available across all the major online casinos, each adding their own branding on the exact same live dealer video streams.

True to their tradition, NetEnt live casino games are typically very slick looking and attractive, with well-designed user interfaces and some innovative touches – as seen for example in their innovative take on live Blackjack, which allows for a nearly unlimited number of players in each game. The game interface is actually quite ingenious, with a single live dealer streaming to virtually unlimited tables, each limited to a maximum of seven players at a time. Playing live Blackjack is very straightforward, since you are prompted to make a decision through a menu that pops up regularly at the bottom of the screen; additionally, you have some useful statistics including a history of recent blackjacks and dealer totals.

The Live roulette game available from NetEnt typically delivers a European roulette experience quite similar to what you’d get in a traditional casino. The video feed with a live croupier and wheel takes up the biggest portion of the screen, featuring a customizable background that allows each online casino to set up their unique visuals. You can place your bets very easily by checking the full roulette layout displayed at the bottom panel; this format is very simple, attractive and easy to use.

Evolution Gaming is Working Actively to Join the Live Casino Revolution!

If you’re looking for wider range of live dealer games, it may be worth checking on the offering available from Evolution Gaming. Their range of games is very diverse, including various styles of Roulette (such as European, French, and London Roulette), as well as live Poker, live Baccarat and Live Blackback – all of which are offered on two versions (standard and VIP) which you are free to choose from depending on your gambling budget and inclination.

It’s not surprising that most influential online casinos have licensed the live dealer games available from Evolution gaming, since this company quickly made a reputation as the leading developer for this style of entertainment. Even though Evolution Gaming kicked off its operations in 2006 and got fully licensed only in 2008, they quickly made a reputation through their highly attractive and well-designed games; their entire catalog has a spotless presentation and looks extremely attractive – especially in their unique “3D” view that really makes you feel like you’re peeking into a traditional casino through your computer screen.

At this point in history, Evolution Gaming has an impressive crew of several hundred live dealers which are filmed live in a studio in Latvia, whose Gambling Authority also regulates their operations and ensures everything is done legitimately. This massive operation runs around the clock and caters to thousands of online casinos and millions of players across the world.

Evolution Gaming keeps looking for ways to innovate and please its huge customer base by offering innovative features, such as having dealers who are fluent in various languages and offering extremely consistent video streaming which can be enjoyed without interruption even through relatively slow Internet connections.